The Philosophy of Software Quality

A quality outcome always takes more time and effort than a poor outcome. The universe decrees that it is harder to make a good cup of coffee but trivially easy to make a bad one, so why is it then that, as a profession we continually strive to create better outcomes with less effort? IT professionals seem to be genetically evolved to seek out shortcuts. Inevitably this leads to bad outcomes – but we still do it – all the time. We argue that quality is neither a feature nor a “cross-cutting concern” – but something that should be fundamental to your software development paradigm. Creating a cognitive framework that is geared towards quality outcomes makes some aspects of software and systems engineering not only easy, but obvious. Join David Connors (Director & Software Engineer, Codify) and Joel Pobar (ex-Microsoft .NET CLR programme manager) on an epic epistemological journey from the notions of state vs entropy, integrity vs perceived flexibility, and buy now + pay later. We then take the abstract down to the boots on the ground and show you some real-world examples of how you can select the right toolset for success and improve the delivery and maintenance of projects.

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