TechEd Backstage 2010

Jorke Odolphi, Ben Parker and myself delivered a talk on the infrastructure behind TechEd 2010. YouTube recording is below. From the session catalogue:

“Tech•Ed is upon us and the international men of mystery (aka tight knit band of Microsoft suppliers who have been putting this event on for far too long) are up to their proverbials in network design and implementation. Come along to hear what has happened for:

  • Who’s who in the zoo: The vendors build tech•ed each year and what do they do
  • The Showcase! The work that went into the amazing tech•ed 2010 showcase stand.
  • Supporting the sessions — lots of Hyper-V guests, delivered in a high availability clustered environment, provisioned at the drop-of-a-hat’s notice
  • Logical and Physical network design for the event
  • Diverse internet connectivity backhaul
  • Procedures and techniques for ensuring network integrity with a bucketload of untrusted clients connecting
  • Wifi to cater for 3500 users.
  • Those pesky kids downloading Twilight New Moon with their BitTorrent (there’s a ripping yarn in that one from tech•ed 2009)
  • Some lessons learned from previous years – things that didn’t work – things we did to stop repeats of things that didn’t work. Speakers: David Connors (Software Engineer by day, Network Engineer by night, Codify), Jorke Odolphi (Event Technology Manager, Microsoft), Ben Parker (Consultant, Parker Tech).”

The Philosophy of Software Quality

A quality outcome always takes more time and effort than a poor outcome. The universe decrees that it is harder to make a good cup of coffee but trivially easy to make a bad one, so why is it then that, as a profession we continually strive to create better outcomes with less effort? IT professionals seem to be genetically evolved to seek out shortcuts. Inevitably this leads to bad outcomes – but we still do it – all the time. We argue that quality is neither a feature nor a “cross-cutting concern” – but something that should be fundamental to your software development paradigm. Creating a cognitive framework that is geared towards quality outcomes makes some aspects of software and systems engineering not only easy, but obvious. Join David Connors (Director & Software Engineer, Codify) and Joel Pobar (ex-Microsoft .NET CLR programme manager) on an epic epistemological journey from the notions of state vs entropy, integrity vs perceived flexibility, and buy now + pay later. We then take the abstract down to the boots on the ground and show you some real-world examples of how you can select the right toolset for success and improve the delivery and maintenance of projects.